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Friday, February 18, 2022Basics

Bulk : the dossier

Vrac : le dossier

Bulk sales have long remained a niche distribution method, confined to specific points of sale and reserved for food products. Today, it is becoming more than trendy, when it is not a must. 62% of French households would like to be able to find more bulk products in their stores, and this concerns hygiene and beauty products for 43% of them, who would like to find their usual brands in bulk, in their usual stores.
But even more than the expectations of consumers who are more and more inclined to consume in a more responsible way, the various regulations (AGEC law, Climate and Resilience law…) have accelerated the democratization of this type of distribution, which has spread to the cosmetics sector.
Offering bulk or refillable cosmetics may seem easy, but certain constraints (regulatory, hygiene, training of sales teams…) make the process difficult and more complex than it seems.
It is with the aim of giving the professionals of the sector all the keys to bulk that this dossier has been designed. It provides an update on the regulatory framework and on the bulk trend. It also identifies the formulation issues for certain types of products. Finally, it offers concrete testimonials from brands and packaging companies.

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