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Monday, August 17, 2020Basics

The new natural cosmetics: the dossier

La nouvelle cosmétique naturelle : le dossier

Cosmetics, you’ll be natural or you won’t be… This mantra, which has gone from being an emerging trend a few years ago to a strong consumer expectation today, further reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis, has become a prerequisite for all brands, cosmetics manufacturers as suppliers of raw materials or packaging. For a long time (and perhaps still today) ill-defined, claiming various and multiple references, often misunderstood by consumers who are nevertheless demanding of its products, subject to extreme media attention, natural cosmetics, just like one of their declensions, organic cosmetics, is less and less a niche market, but remains so disparate and difficult to understand that they are still difficult to apprehend and implement concretely. CosmeticOBS has gathered in this dossier all its articles to clarify an overall vision of their issues and trace the contours of their new realities, so as to help all players in the sector to make the right choices to fit into the natural trend.

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The new consumers of natural

For several years now, naturalness has been praised by the media, desired by consumers, in phase with the awakening of consciousness to environmental issues… The Covid-19 crisis, the health and climatic emergencies that it has propelled to the forefront of everyone’s concerns, the increased needs for well-being and reassurance that it has exacerbated have only reinforced the trend towards more naturalness. The organic quality of products, already losing ground in consumers’ expectations, has been pushed even further into the background, in favour of a less precise “green”, a general “clean” and now a “safe” at all costs. New contours of natural cosmetics are thus taking shape, impacting all aspects of the industry, from products to ingredients, packaging and distribution.

The natural cosmetics market

To be, and for several years or even decades, one of the most attractive, natural cosmetics has long remained a niche market, reaching at best 3 to 4% of the global cosmetics market. Today, driven by the health context, it tends to become “mainstream”, and the traditional obstacles to its development (costs, formulation difficulties, discussed effectiveness…) are being reduced. It is rediscovering its historical growth levers (commitment to the planet, desire to …

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