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Bulk: the art and the way

rac : l'art et la manière

For some time now, Cozie has established itself as a key player in bulk sales. The company has diversified its activity by supporting companies that want to start this type of distribution. Arnaud Lancelot, co-founder of the company, spoke with CosmeticOBS about the key things you need to know before getting into bulk sales.

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When marketing cosmetic products, consumer safety is paramount. When it comes to selling skincare products in bulk or by refill, the same principle applies. “At Cozie, we have developed distributors that allow us to have total control over hygiene, safety and traceability,” explains Arnaud Lancelot. “We have developed distributors that allow us to guarantee the integrity of the products as well as the control of the batches in case of recall.

In practice

To the question “can we offer a refill system for any type of cosmetics?”, Arnaud Lancelot answers yes. “With our machines, there is no problem of flow on more or less viscous galenics. On the other hand, the question we have to ask ourselves is how to clean the bottle. With shower gel or any product that is going to be rinsed, we know that we can entrust the maintenance of the bottle to the consumer. On the other hand, on a day cream or a serum, the cleaning is much more complex and there we cannot take any risk. For this type of product, we recommend setting up an industrial cleaning system.”

How does Cozie support you? Once again, Arnaud Lancelot insists on the principle of …

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