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Wednesday, December 15, 2021Consumers

Bulk: consumer typology

Vrac : typologie des consommateurs

Driven by the awareness of climate issues (and regulations), bulk sales (or refills) are gaining more and more ground. The research institute Yougov has sought to better understand the typical profile of people who consume through this distribution method.

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The survey was conducted on a panel of 1007 people representative of the French national population. The survey was conducted online, on the YouGov panel, between November 23 and 24, 2021.

Why buy in bulk?

Among the reasons why the French buy products in bulk are:
• Reducing packaging waste at 55%
• Limiting waste at 50%
• Paying less at 32%
• Discovering of new products at 20%

On the other hand, people who have never bought bulk explain this choice by:
• A request for organization (to foresee containers) at 42%
• A questioning about hygiene at at 34%
• A lack of supply in the stores they frequent at 30%
• A difficulty in preserving the products at 20%
• A lack of information at 20%

Frequency of purchase

In general, consumers buy in bulk:
• Once a month (19%)
• Several times a month (16%)
• Several times a week (8%)
And 45% of them have consumed bulk in the last five years.

To do their shopping, the respondents prefer:
• Large and medium-sized stores (57%)
• Organic stores (43%)
• The market (27%)
• Specialized grocery stores (24%)
• Internet (3%)

Which consumer for bulk? …

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