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The next steps of eco-engagement in cosmetics

Les prochaines étapes de l'éco-engagement en cosmétique

The issue of eco-responsibility is now central for the skincare industry. On the occasion of the Cosmetic Days, held in Lyon on June 10 and 11, 2021, Margaux Caron, Beauty Analyst at Mintel, reviewed the issues related to sustainability and the challenges that await professionals in the beauty sector.

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Margaux Caron chose to develop her presentation around three axes:
• The debate between natural and synthetic ingredients
• The minimalist approach
• The accompaniment of consumers to take the step towards sustainability

Natural versus synthetic

“While citizens are demanding safety, their ecological awareness is also growing. Awareness of the depletion of the planet’s resources and of ethics is leading them to be more open to sustainable alternatives to natural ingredients,” introduces Margaux Caron.
Responsible beauty used to be one that displayed “Without…” statements, while today it is synonymous with social and environmental commitments.

These changes show that the conversation around naturalness is shifting. Consumers want healthy cosmetics, but they are also concerned about sourcing. “In France, 71% of adults are concerned that the ingredients used in natural products are not responsible,” comments Margaux Caron. “Skincare lovers will increasingly adopt a virtuous mindset focused on sustainability, which will change the marketing around these raw materials.”

For many years, “synthetic” was a dirty word in cosmetics, it is starting to find its letters of nobility. In some European markets, 67-75% of citizens would agree to use products or ingredients that are scientifically researched and identical to natural versions.
However, there are …

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