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Tuesday, November 2, 2021Congresses

Ecological certification: European Ecolabel vs COSMOS

Certification écologique : l'Écolabel européen vs COSMOS

At the time of committing to its ecological transition, and wanting to have it certified by an independent body, it is not always easy to choose which standard to turn to. During the JEST (Scientific and Technical Exchange Day) organised by Cosmed on 24 September 2021, Céline Ramier, from Cellande, based on her experience with two of them, presented them, with their advantages and disadvantages.

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Cellande is a French company that manufactures and packages cosmetic products, with hand hygiene in workplaces, ecological and biocides detergents as its core business.
Today, four of its formulas are certified according to the European Ecolabel EC426 standard, and six hair care products and two oral care products are certified COSMOS.
During this presentation, Céline Ramier’s aim was not to say whether one standard was preferable to the other, but rather to give the keys to choosing one or the other, to detail how she managed them on a daily basis, so that each company can choose the one that seems closest to their market and/or their requirements in terms of formulation.

Certification: the pluses and minuses

What advantages can you expect from certification? Céline Ramier cited several:
• Guarantees for the consumer who is looking for a “green” product and who is reassured by the fact that an external body guarantees compliance with the rules set up to ensure the ecological nature of the product he or she is buying
• Clarity, again for the consumer, who knows that the same rules apply to all products on the market, whatever their brand
• The continuous improvement approach that it …

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