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Monday, October 4, 2021Congresses

Environmental impacts: how to choose the right ingredients

Impacts environnementaux : comment bien choisir ses ingrédients

What ingredients should be used in the eco-design of a product? What criteria should be used to choose them? How can the environmental impact of a product be minimised by making the right choice of ingredients? During the JEST (Scientific and Technical Exchange Day) organised by Cosmed on 24 September 2021, Célina Génot, from Ecocert, came to give the strategic guidelines for making the right choices.

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“To fully understand the impact of an ingredient, we need to look at its overall picture, i.e. take into account its entire life cycle, remembering that the environmental impact of an ingredient is defined at each of its stages, but also that the choices made at one stage can have an impact on another, and that we need to be careful to limit the transfer of negative impact from one stage to another,” introduced Célina Génot.

Choices at different stages of an ingredient’s life cycle

The speaker therefore detailed the six key stages in the life cycle of an ingredient.

Sourcing of raw materials

The big issues at this stage are related to sustainability. Among the choices to be made:
• Renewable resources instead of petrochemicals
• Natural raw materials from sustainable production methods, such as organic farming, which respects biodiversity, soil and water quality
• Cultivation methods that only require a reduced consumption of water
• Ethical sourcing, respectful of animal welfare and human working conditions

Manufacture of the ingredient

Once the raw materials have been sourced, they must be processed to produce the final ingredient. The points of vigilance at this stage:
• Saving atoms (according to the …

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