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Introduction to solid cosmetics

Introduction à la cosmétique solide

Shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste… everything goes in solid format. This trend, which has been very fashionable for the past few years, is becoming more and more popular. On the occasion of the professional symposium organized in conjunction with the U’Cosmetics student competition, Stéphanie Reymond, Director of Efferv&Sciences, outlined the main aspects of this segment.

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“To start this presentation, it is important to focus on the consumer, because it is to please him that we develop new products”, introduces Stéphanie Reymond. “Access to digital technology has revolutionized his knowledge. He is more educated and therefore selects his cosmetics with care. Sometimes, this excess of information is harmful, because it is necessary to have the necessary background to analyze and decipher the formulas with accuracy.” Still according to the expert, the consumer of 2021 will no longer buy a product only for its actions. They are on a more global quest. The choice of a product will be based on its benefits for the skin, health and its ability to bring well-being. “This is all the more true since we are going through an unprecedented crisis. We need to be reassured. Therefore, the neuro-cosmetic aspect is important,” adds Stéphanie Reymond.
The consumer also likes novelty. They want to be surprised and seduced.
Last but not least, the consumer’s desire for eco-responsible products. Brands have understood this by displaying naturalness percentages on their packaging in accordance with the ISO 16128 standard. Nowadays, people scrutinize the formulas, are concerned about how the packaging was made, if it is …

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