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Solid cosmetics: consumers' new favorite?

Cosmétique solide : nouveau coup de cœur des consommateurs ?

Solid formats are not new in cosmetics, but they were not necessarily in vogue. But now they are making a remarkable comeback and everyone is clamoring for them. Pascale Brousse, founder of Trend Sourcing, explained the reasons for this success during the U’Cosmetic conference, held on March 18th 2021.

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To set the scene for the solid state boom, we need to look at the new contours of society. Today, a large majority of citizens are aware of environmental issues.
Google searches related to adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle have increased by 4550% in June 2020. “90% of consumers believe that cosmetic brands have a role to play in preserving nature,” adds Pascale Brousse. “Environmental commitment is becoming a new normal for citizens, and this is even more true for younger people. Generation Z is particularly sensitive to the state of the planet. 85% of this category of individuals think that beauty actors should have a more philanthropic stance. For these individuals, cosmetics should not be only about profit. Moreover, brands that do not change their perspectives will no longer exist. It’s a rather pithy formula, but it’s the reality.”

A boost by small brands

While large groups often set the pace in terms of trends, it is the “Indies brands” that have contributed to the rise of solid cosmetics.
“We can mention Lamazuna, Biocoiff, Pachamamaï, Respire, Secrets de Provence, Les Savons de Joya and many others,” says Pascale Brousse. “These companies have participated in the democratization of this segment …

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