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Thursday, June 26, 2014Consumers

How do consumers view cosmetic advertising?

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CosmeticOBS surveyed its Internet users from June 13 to 22 to collect their opinions and feelings about cosmetic advertising, and how they see and receive it. It is strongly criticised because it overstates promises and is removed from reality, but it can (sometimes) be positively perceived when it manages to find a different language to pass its messages across. Such deciphering could make a few brands ponder!

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This survey was conducted via an online questionnaire available from June 13 to 22, 2014. It received 111 answers from 106 women and 5 men aged from 15 to over 71, including almost 91 % regular CosmeticOBS readers.

Consumers are still faced with cosmetic advertising through two main media: television and women’s press.
However, the Internet also plays a major role, since online advertising messages are even more visible than traditional posters in the street.
So here is what Internet users answered to the question “Where can you see cosmetic ads the most?”:
• On television (commercials): 79.28%
• In women’s press: 72.07%
• On the Internet: 41.44%
• In the street (Decaux posters): 34.23%
• At the cinema: 1.8%
• On the radio: 1.8%

Too much promising… makes too poor publicity!

They can be seen very often, but the first impression they give is negative. And if there is general agreement about one aspect, it means – much – too much is done with advertising.
Indeed, they are perceived as too overstated for almost 77% of respondents! They are also too present (31%) and sometimes too aggressive (13%).
Only 20% think they are well-formulated, and 14% well-made.
In the …

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