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2026: the year of change?

2026 : année du changement ?

According to forecasting agency WGSN, the year 2026 will mark a turning point in society and consumer habits. The trends consultancy believes that an intense period of disruption is about to arrive. Lisa White, Director of Strategic Forecasting and Creative at WGSN, explained this idea at a B2B workshop held in Paris on June 25, 2024.

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The year 2024 isn’t over yet, and it’s already time to look ahead to 2026. But when it comes to foresight, it’s never too early to focus on the future, in order to get the best possible grasp of the societal changes to come.
According to Lisa White, there are several areas to consider.

The age spectrum
What if this was the end of generational stereotypes? “Countries are developing very differently, some with rapidly aging societies, others with rapidly growing youth populations. Manufacturers will have to approach the stages of age and life with more fluidity and open-mindedness,” explains the expert.
This means, for example, rethinking product packaging so that it can be used by everyone.
We can also expect a strong return to old-fashioned traditions of pampering ourselves. More and more consumers in today’s society are turning to ancestral customs. According to Lisa White, this represents an opportunity for brands to bring these age-old rituals back into fashion.

Intentional tech
New technologies are becoming increasingly powerful. Some believe they can contribute to the healthy development of society, while others fear them. “Optimists and pessimists will find common ground on the need for a more balanced and thoughtful approach to …

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