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Monday, November 17, 2014Consumers

Aesthetic interventions: the favourite anti-aging gestures of French women


Promise publishes the first results of a study conducted on the behaviour of French women in terms of routine care and beauty. For aesthetic procedures, the evolution of behaviour and mentalities is not without raising questions about the future of skincare brands, in particular those specialising in combating the visible effects of ageing. Will they have to endorse clinical or surgical procedures tomorrow, beyond the comprehensive care programmes they offer?

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Promise, a research and consulting company specializing in studying brands from the consumer's point of view, conducted an online beauty study in the first half of 2014 with 1101 men and women over the age of 15.For the publication of these first results, the institute focused on the knowledge, practices and intentions of French women regarding cosmetic procedures.

"The behaviour of French women reflects with a time delay the evolution observed in other countries, in particular the USA and South America: the boundaries between routine care, the complete care program and aesthetic intervention are fading. Certainly, there is still a cultural, psychological if not economic brake to turn in particular to heavier surgical acts. Nevertheless, their high degree of acceptance, particularly among younger people, raises the question of the future of cosmetic skincare brands in the face of this new competition. The answer can be in reinforced R&D, such as investment in stem cells, for example, as an innovation in anti-ageing care. This is the path followed by the LVMH Research entity, chaired by Mr Eric Perrier. It can also go through the development of selective brands to medical and scientific endorsement, sometimes backed by recognized personalities, at the head …

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