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Wednesday, April 26, 2023Consumers

Consumption: How to win French people's hearts?

Consommation : comment gagner le cœur des Français ?

The strategy firm EY Parthenon wondered how the current context influences the consumption of French people. To get a clearer picture, the firm has carried out a barometer of the French people’s favorite brands (all sectors combined, including cosmetics).

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The study was conducted with the help of the Dynata survey institute in January 2023. A panel of more than 9,300 French consumers (18 years and older) was interviewed online.

Initial findings

EY Parthenon has carried out an overall ranking. It is the discount chain Action (which sells everything, including hygiene and beauty products) which is in first place.
In this top 10, there are no 100% cosmetic brands or chains.

In the ranking by sector, Sephora appears as the favorite “beauty” brand of the French. It should be noted that the group has lost 6.3% of penetration over the last three years and no longer appears in the generalist top 10 (unlike the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions of the barometer).

Next in line (and in order) are:
• Nocibé
• Yves Rocher
• Marionnaud
• Rituals
• L’Occitane
• Aroma-Zone
• Lush
• Nyx

The importance of price

Action’s breakthrough is not surprising. At a time when inflation has reached 6.3% (according to INSEE), consumers are making economic choices.
“In this unprecedented context, 40% of households surveyed say that their purchasing power is their first priority,” explains EY Parthenon. “Behaviors evolve differently depending on the product category, but …

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