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Tuesday, January 23, 2024Consumers

Cosmetics: what are consumers' needs?

Cosmétiques : quels sont les besoins des consommateurs ?

Public expectations fluctuate according to trends. Dynvibe, an agency specializing in social intelligence, has just unveiled the results of a study highlighting consumers’ “beauty” desires for the coming year.

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To compile this report, Dynvibe analyzed the content of “300 expert beauty influencer profiles”.

A need for performance
It’s time for proof! More and more content creators are specializing and adopting a more “expert” tone to talk about products. As Dynvibe explains, “They promote specific, technical routines to improve performance and achieve faster, more radical results.”
These influencers also promote beauty tech devices perfect for a “more professional” at-home experience.

Beware of the budget
“Faced with rising prices, individuals are looking for solutions to manage their expenses, while maintaining a certain level of quality for their beauty products.”
And there are several ways to save money.
Some refuse to make concessions, preferring to buy the same products as usual at a lower frequency.
Others, on the contrary, will try to turn to well-made but less expensive alternatives.

Science… and price!
“Many independent brands have gained ground in 2023 by offering cosmetics that are simple, effective, gentle, but above all affordable. Most of them have succeeded in creating a balance between the promotion of scientific skincare and the DNA of an accessible company.”

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