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Wednesday, May 15, 2024Consumers

French and American hygiene (still) needs some improvement

L'hygiène des Français et des Américains laisse (encore) à désirer

The French have a nasty reputation for not being very clean… but it would seem that Americans are to be put in the same (dirty) basket. A recent Selvitys study on behalf of NYC media and the Flash agency highlights the questionable habits of consumers.

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The survey was conducted from February 24 to 26, 2024, among a sample of 1,000 Americans and 1,000 French.

Get in the shower!

“81% of French people say they cleanse their entire body and face every day. In the USA, 70% of respondents do so every day,” explains Selvitys.
In France, 15% wash twice a week, and in the USA, 22%. Only a tiny proportion (3% and 5%) make showering a weekly ritual.

“While 77% of French men wear clean underwear every day, a quarter (24%) keep their underwear on for more than 24 hours. Americans are in the same situation, with 23% not changing their underwear on a daily basis,” says Selvitys. “Among women, the French are the ones who change their panties most often: 91% put on new panties every day, compared with 81% of Americans, 5% of whom say they never wear any.”

Handwashing: good, but could do better

The French and Americans are the most likely to say they systematically wash their hands after going to the toilet: 94% and 96% respectively. This is followed by cooking (93% of French and 96% of Americans) and public transport (75% and 78%).

Hand-washing: good, but could do better …

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