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Wednesday, May 24, 2023Consumers

French women and sun protection: committed users

Françaises et protection solaire : des élèves appliquées

Health professionals continue to communicate about the danger of UV rays and the need to use sun protection. But are consumers sensitive to these prevention campaigns and do they change their behavior for all that? This is what Blissim, a beauty box distributor, has tried to find out by carrying out a barometer on French women’s habits regarding sun exposure.

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This survey was conducted in March 2023 among 3094 women.

Changing behaviors

Do French women take more precautions when they expose themselves? It would seem so.
21% of them wear sunscreen on a daily basis. 39% of them protect themselves on sunny days (versus 27% in 2022). Only 3% say they never wear sunscreen (versus 20% in 2022).

When asked why they don’t use sunscreen, women say they don’t always think about it (48% vs. 39% in 2022), are convinced that their skin is not “sensitive” to UV rays (5% vs. 18% in 2022), and believe it is unnecessary (19% vs. 32% in 2022).

Ninety percent of French women now say it is important to protect themselves in the city (and not just at the beach or on vacation). Last year, only 27% of French women believed this.
This change can be explained by a better understanding of the sun’s harmful effects. Ninety-three percent say that repeated exposure to the sun is a factor in premature aging of the skin.

Better knowledge of products

The use of UV protection products is becoming more widespread among French women. Before making their selection, 42% read comparative studies. Seventy percent of them also …

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