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Tuesday, June 11, 2024Consumers

Social... and cosmetic transformations!

Transformations sociales… et cosmétiques !

The CEW France organized its eighth Journée de la Beauté on June 5th 2024 (at the Salons Hoche in Paris). Leïla Rochet (Founder of Cosmetics Inspiration et Création) and Rémy Oudghiri (Sociologist and Managing Director at Sociovision) gave a two-voice presentation highlighting the direct implications of major societal movements on the emergence of new trends.

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Every social upheaval has an effect on the beauty industry.
Between 1950 and 2000, it was the utopia of the consumer society. Growth was green. It was the era of progress and optimism, then of globalization.
According to Leïla Rochet, this period was punctuated by households’ total trust in brands.
The time of ruptures took place between 2001/2007 (advent of social networks) and 2008/2015 with a notable acceleration in the uberization of the world. On the beauty front, the “indies brands” were given free rein to develop.
Today, the planet is in permanent crisis (ecological, social, economic, health). And in response to this constant stress, consumers are seeking well-being above all else.

To better understand contemporary upheavals, the two experts took a closer look at current events.

A new relationship with time
“The future is fading,” comments Rémy Oudghiri. “The vision of the future is darkening in the West.” Indeed, consumers are increasingly pessimistic: 73% of Americans believe that society is deteriorating in many respects. Only 27% think the world is getting better.
“Working people are withdrawing into the present. They are no longer prepared to make sacrifices to secure their future.”
For example, 69% of French people say they …

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