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Tuesday, May 14, 2024Consumers

Sun protection: more and more French women are using it

Protection solaire : les Françaises y adhèrent de plus en plus

With the summer season approaching, Blissim (a company specializing in beauty boxes) conducted a survey of a sample of French women to find out more about their behavior in the face of the sun’s dangers. Some of them are aware of the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, and act accordingly.

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This study was conducted in March 2024 among 546 women.

More and more respondents think it’s important to protect themselves from UV rays.
Some 62.1% of them do so systematically when on vacation.
However, 81% said that sun protection should be worn in town. But only 35.2% do so when the weather is fine. 7% of panellists never apply any.

If French women try to be careful, it’s because they are aware that exposure to the sun is one of the main factors in skin ageing.
In their opinion, lack of hydration (82.4%), pollution (67.3%) and stress (62.3%) also contribute to skin degradation.

Choosing the right product

French women pay close attention to the protection factor (56.6%). In fact, more than half (51.8%) prefer an SPF 50+ cream. Respondents are also sensitive to skin care texture (56.6%).

As inflation dictates, they also look at price (49.1%). Finally, they scrutinize the INCI list (49.1%).

To help them make their choice, respondents search the Internet (60%), listen to the recommendations of health professionals (31%) or family (26.6%).
Only 21.2% let themselves be influenced by advertising.

According to the Blissim study, there is still a lot of consumer education to be done, given …

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