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Tuesday, November 22, 2022Consumers

Sustainability: from ambition to action

Durabilité : de l'ambition à l'action

More and more consumers want to adopt a lifestyle that does not harm the planet’s resources. And to help them do so, they rely on the manufacturers of the products they use every day. Kantar, a market research firm, has just published its sustainability barometer, which highlights the expectations of the general public and the answers that professionals can provide.

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Citizens are concerned. In France, people feel that the climate crisis (48%) must be addressed above all else. They are also concerned about inflation and the current geopolitical context.

Overall, 95% of them are ready to act and make their consumption habits more responsible. But green products are expensive and prevent their massive adoption.
In fact, 65% of the general public feel hampered by the economic situation. Yet, 80% say that if brands make an effort on price, they will buy their products.

Money is not the only barrier to change. Citizens are confused. They find it difficult to distinguish between products that are good for the environment and those that are not, they need clear and identifiable labels, and they struggle to find a sustainable offer.

The priorities of professionals

Kantar has drawn up a list (based on the ranking of sustainable development objectives published by the United Nations) of priority projects for manufacturers (all sectors combined).
We find:
• Water pollution
• Child labor
• Air pollution
• Right to work and decent wages
• Inappropriate disposal of hazardous waste
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Lack of clean water
• Poverty
• Plastic pollution of the oceans

Brands …

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