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Tuesday, July 6, 2021Consumers

The new chinese consumers

Les nouveaux consommateurs chinois

In the space of one year, the Chinese cosmetics market has changed a lot. The pandemic has favored the emergence of new consumer typologies. Chemlinked has reviewed all the new profiles in order to help cosmetics industry professionals in their quest to understand their customers’ expectations.

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According to Chemlinked, three types of consumers predominantly stand out

This clever contraction between “skin” and intellectual” is a term already known to the beauty industry.
In China, this category concerns nearly 10 millions and Chemlinked indicates that the annual growth rate of beauty products consumption of this group is 100%. So it’s best to take the Skintellectuals seriously. The median age of these individuals is 29 years old, they are mostly women (87%). They are middle class, educated (70% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher). Skintellectuals live mainly in large cities. They have a high purchasing power.

This group is distinguished by :
• Its particular attention to the effectiveness of their skincare products before checking out (especially suncare products)
• Its preference for plant-based ingredients, but also very “specialized”
• Its affection for brands that have a fairly scientific discourse,
• Its attraction to essences, toners, makeup removers, sunscreens and eye products

ACG Fans
This abbreviation stands for “Animation, Comics and Games.” The members of this category are very much into the world of manga and video games. They like cosplay (the fact of playing the role of a virtual character by imitating his or her costume …

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