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Wednesday, October 12, 2022Consumers

The truth about French hygiene

La vérité sur la propreté des Français

If France is famous all over the world for its monuments and its gastronomy, it is also known for the suspicious hygiene of its inhabitants. Are the French the dirtiest people in Europe? To answer this question, XloveCam asked IFOP to conduct a survey.

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The IFOP study for XloveCam was conducted by self-administered online questionnaire from June 21 to 27, 2022. A sample of 5,039 people (aged 18 and over) representative of the population in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom was surveyed.
Overall, 71% of Europeans perform a complete daily wash.

When you get into the details, 82% of Spaniards, 77% of Germans, 76% of French, 68% of British and 53% of Italians wash from head to toe every day.

“While the whole world is still steeped in clichés about the supposed dirtiness of the French, this survey shows that the worst performers in this area are their Italian neighbors.”

As for French women, the results are a little more pleasing since 80% of them make a complete toilet per day.
“In 70 years, the daily toilet has become a majority among French women despite a short-lived decline during the confinement (74%),” analyzes the IFOP.
And it seems that women are cleaner than men. 93% of French women change their panties every day, compared to 73% of French men (three points less than the European average).

Under the comforter of the French

In terms of intimate hygiene, there are still notable …

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