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The two facets of responsible cosmetics

Les deux visages de la cosmétique responsable

The issue of sustainability in cosmetics is important to a large proportion of consumers. But is it still important in an economic and health context as unstable as the one we are going through? Célia Friedman, co-founder of Friedman Stevens Consulting, conducted a study to answer this question. She presented the results at the WEG’s E-Matinée de la Beauté, which was broadcast on December 11th.

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The survey was conducted in July 2020 on a sample of 656 people, 70% of whom were women and 24% men. “From the moment a survey on cosmetics is carried out, the weight of women in the panel is more important,” explains Célia Friedman in preamble.

Friedman Stevens Consulting asked two questions to the respondents:
• Do you buy “responsible” products (that embody social, environmental commitments)?
• What budget do you allocate to the purchase of a 100 ml day cream? “Thus, we were able to qualify our base all the better. On the one hand, we have the”Converts” with eco-friendly beauty, and on the other hand we have the “Aspirants” who use little (or no) sustainable skin care, but who would like to do so.”

The survey reveals that for both groups of consumers, the first sales factor is the benefit of the product.
For the Converts, CSR commitment is the second criterion that drives purchase.
For Aspirants, the second criterion is price. For them, the values of a brand appear in last place.

The priorities
Friedman Stevens Consulting has focused on knowing what consumers’ priorities are when buying “responsible” cosmetics.
Product safety and the sourcing of nature-friendly materials …

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