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Tuesday, September 26, 2017Consumers

Why French women are getting more and more interested in organic cosmetics


French organic cosmetics brand Phyt’s has just launched their first mobile application. What for? To make it possible for consumers to book an appointment for an aesthetic treatment at home or at work. Phyt’s seized the opportunity to unveil the results of a survey they commissioned to OpinionWay on French women’s attitude towards organic cosmetics.

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To conduct this study, research institute OpinionWay surveyed a sample of 1,022 women aged 18 and over in June 2017.

OpinionWay endeavoured to define and understand the determining factors in purchasing a cosmetic product. The price, composition, and efficacy are the three criteria on top of the list.

The list of ingredients is actually a selection criterion. 71% of women declare they trust natural-certified cosmetics and 64% trust organic-certified ones. These products are so popular that 33% of the panel said they have already bought organic hygiene products several times, 19% that they have consumed them at least once, and 21% that they intend to. A more radical quarter of them claim they do not consume any because to them, these products are devoid of any interest.

Lastly, what are the reasons that determine the purchase of organic-certified products? There are seven of them:
• Fear of the harmful ingredients that can be found in conventional cosmetics
• Will to use products that are good for the skin
• Desire to consume products whose composition is more environmentally friendly
• Curiosity to test new products
• Wish to offer children safer skincare products
• Fear of getting more allergies following the use of cosmetics distributed through the usual channel
• Impression that organic products are more efficient

Obviously, today, consumers tend to be better-informed and more mindful of what they buy. They also aspire to be in greater harmony with nature. One thing is for sure, organic cosmetics will keep flooding in French bathrooms for quite long.

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