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Green Dot

Point vert

Logo indicating that the manufacturer of the product on which it is affixed contributes financially to the collection, sorting and recycling of its packaging.

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The Green Dot means that the company that markets a product intended for households contributes financially to the collection, sorting and recycling of its packaging.

This symbol has been used on packaging in France since 1992 in the context of Extended Producer Responsibility.
Its on-pack display is no longer compulsory in France since 2017, and the same is true in the majority of European countries that use it.

Article 62 of the French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC Law) of 10 February 2020 provides that signs and markings that may lead to confusion about the sorting rule for packaging may be subject to a financial penalty.
Although the Green Dot is not specifically mentioned in the text, it is targeted by this provision, which refers to “graphic figures representing two or more arrows wound up and inscribed in a circle”. And it is indeed misunderstood by consumers, who interpret it as marking recyclable or recycled packaging.

This penalty was to come into force on 1 April 2021. However, following an appeal by several associations and federations representing the industry (including the FEBEA) to the Council of State, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has finally postponed the deadline to …

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