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Origine France Garantie


Created in 2011, the 'Origine France Garantie' label guarantees consumers that the products bearing the logo were made in France.

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It aims to provide consumers with clear and accurate information on the origin of a product and help the companies seeking to obtain the certificate to promote their production, whether in France or abroad.

To obtain the label, the product manufactured must satisfy the two following criteria:
• The place where the product acquires its main characteristics must be located in France
• At least 50% of the unit production cost must be acquired in France

The criteria of the *Origine France Garantie* label are independent of the notion of the origin of goods used by customs services to calculate customs
The company that applies for the certificate must comply with a book of specifications available on the website of the Pro France association in charge of promoting the ' France ' brand.
The label is issued by one of the authorized certification organizations listed on the Pro France website.

• See the Pro France association website

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