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May 29, 2019 | Dossiers

Sun products: the dossier pro

If they are essential to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, whether on the beach in summer or in the mountain in winter, sun protection products are often criticized for their efficacy or questioned for their safety. There are regular debates over the allergenicity or toxicity of synthetic filters and nano sunscreens, over the actual SPFs… while the formulation of this type of products is still a challenge, and their regulations, both in Europe and elsewhere, are not that easy… What options should be chosen? What products, what set of filters, what formula, what galenics, what label? This CosmeticOBS dossier gathers all our articles about sun products to help you get a global vision of this ...

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29 May 2019 Dossiers

Sun products: the dossier pro

If they are essential to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, whether on the beach in summer or in the mountain in winter, sun protection products are often criticized for their efficacy or questioned for their safety. There are regular debates over the allergenicity or toxicity ...

Cosmetic Claims CosmeticOBS' Dossier
24 April 2019 Dossiers

The regulation of cosmetic claims: the dossier pro

Since the entry into force in 2013 of Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, cosmetic claims are under tension and are constantly being examined in the light of the Common Criteria with which they must comply in order to be used. Several of them, targeted as denigrating or even misleading, have been the subject of ...

Dossier Brexit
11 April 2019 Dossiers

Brexit: the dossier pro

On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom notified its intention to leave Europe, under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. From 30 March 2019, 00:00h (Central European Time), the date of Brexit, it will become a “third country”. The consequences (on regulatons, legal affaires, customs, organization…) are multiple and can have a significant impact on ...

Aluminium : the dossier
27 March 2019 Dossiers

Aluminium: the dossier pro

It has been the subject of controversy for years, it returns particularly to the forefront of controversial ingredients when it is present in cosmetics in the form of salt. Is aluminium dangerous when applied to the skin? Is it in danger of being more strictly regulated? What are the alternatives ...

06 March 2019 Dossiers

Endocrine disruptors: the dossier pro

Endocrine disruptors are substances likely to interact with the endocrine system, causing an impact on health, in particular the development of cancers or human reproductive disorders. They can be found in many everyday consumer goods, including cosmetics. They raise much concern and give rise to multiple reactions, both from the ...

20 Feb. 2019 Dossiers

Nanomaterials: the dossier pro

They worry many consumers due to their possible toxicity for the human body. But manufacturers are also concerned, since they use them for their multiple cosmetic properties and constantly need to adapt to new regulatory requirements, often with insufficient means available. Definition(s), characterization, safety assessment and regulations, scientific studies ...

Eco-responsible cosmetics Dossier
08 Jan. 2019 Dossiers

Eco-responsible cosmetics: the dossier pro

Even if the problem of the end of the month sometimes outweighs that of the end of the world, consumer awareness of the issues raised by global warming, the depletion of our resources, pollution or contamination of our planet by toxic chemicals is only increasing. Preserving the environment may still ...

Practical DIP file
21 Oct. 2018 Dossiers

Product Information File : the dossier pro

On July 11, 2013, Regulation 1223/2009, known as the Cosmetics Regulation, completely replaced the former Directive that had governed cosmetic products since 1976. Recast of a text that had been subject to numerous amendments and technical adaptations over the years, this Regulation has not made any fundamental changes in the general principles ...

Dossier: Annex I to Regulation 1223/2009
19 Oct. 2018 Dossiers

Annex I to Regulation 1223/2009: the dossier pro

Annex I to Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, which regulates cosmetic products in Europe since 11 July 2013, is a fundamental section of the text. It describes the content of the CPSR, the Cosmetic Product Safety Report, which must be included in the Product Information File (PIF), with many obligations, particularly in terms of the ...

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Dossier
10 Oct. 2018 Dossiers

Natural and organic cosmetics: the dossier pro

It is a fact: the organic and natural cosmetics sector continues to generate as much interest and desire as polemics and controversies. For a long time (and perhaps still today) poorly defined, claiming to be based on various and multiple references, often misunderstood by consumers who nevertheless claim to be ...'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
31 Aug. 2016 Dossiers

Digital beauty: the dossier pro

Websites and smartphones, online stores, emailing campaigns, applications, 3D printing, blogs and social networks… Not a day goes by without a new digital functionality being launched, and without cosmetics companies making the effort to adapt their tools, semantics, sales technics, and marketing strategies to the changes in the digital world ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
12 May 2016 Dossiers

Asian trends pro

The Eastern wind keeps on blowing on Western cosmetics. It brings new types of products and revisited application gestures, it establishes its own routines and dictates trends, and it also inspires unexploited claim themes and features ingredients from other traditions. You will find everything from Asia in this dossier.

07 April 2016 Dossiers

Packaging: the dossier pro

No content without a container! Depending on its shape, its look, the materials it is made with, and the message it conveys, the packaging of a cosmetic product will be appealing to consumers, and play a role in the buying act, user-friendliness, product stability and performance… or not. This shows ...

31 March 2016 Dossiers

Perfumes: the dossier

It belongs to the French industrial heritage and makes women and men dream all around the world. And in an age where consumers demand total transparency, it has been in the hot seat for some of its allergenic substances and well-kept trade secrets. Perfume is all this, and much more ...

17 March 2016 Dossiers

Men Dossier

Once restricted and limited to the trio gel washing-deodorant-shaving product, the offer of cosmetic products for men is now experiencing strong growth. Men's skin characteristics, beauty rituals for men, trends and markets, new products from Asia… The Observatoire des Cosmétiques has gathered all its articles on this topic in ...

10 March 2016 Dossiers

Hair products: the dossier

Trends, markets, regulations, actives, treatments, routines, physiology, bibliography… from shampoos to colouring, from new beauty gestures like smoothing to spray masks, major hair care actives, alopecia, and scalp discomfort, find out all our articles about hair and its cosmetics listed per category and dates of publication.
05 Feb. 2016 Dossiers

Export: the Dossier pro

If export is the key success factor to develop on new markets, it also – and most importantly – opens doors and is used as a strategy for many cosmetic companies to survive financially. Member States of the European Union applying the same regulations, French-speaking regions, areas in Asia, the Middle East ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
28 Sept. 2015 Dossiers

Dossier : Passport to China pro

Exporting cosmetics to China… The"why" is obvious: this market is so emerging and tremendously promising that it is becoming unavoidable. The"how" is less easy to approach. Knowing the consumers to whom you are addressing, mastering the export techniques specific to this country… and not being discouraged by the ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
14 Sept. 2015 Dossiers

Parabens: the dossier pro

They stir up controversy since several years in the cosmetics world. They fuel public anxiety. They are a constant food for journalists’ reports; they draw the politicians’ attention to regulate them; they draw the attention of the scientists who study them. They are a recurrent worry for the formulators who ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
28 July 2015 Dossiers

Asia: markets and regulations pro

Asia represents 17% of the world cosmetic market and shows an average growth rate of 5%, three times faster than the rest of the world. However, it can prove tricky to reach this El Dorado. China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, and India: each country has their own configuration and traditions, specific consumer ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
11 Aug. 2014 Dossiers

Cosmetic labelling: the requirements pro

It is obvious: the label of a cosmetic product shall not be trifled with or too fast. On the one hand, it is the interface between the product and the consumer, and the marketing wording is most important. On the other hand, regulation requires a lot of mandatory mentions and ... - CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
09 Oct. 2013 Dossiers

Hydration Dossier

Hydration, an essential factor for skin health and beauty, is at the heart of consumer expectations in cosmetics. It is also one of the most prominent claims made by manufacturers on packaging. The Observatoire des Cosmétiques provides an update on this issue.

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory
07 Jan. 2013 Dossiers

Inspections, instructions for use pro

What to do in case of inspection? How is it learned? What to do on D-Day? Who should be present? How to behave with inspectors? What documents to produce? What are your rights and obligations? File.

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
04 Dec. 2012 Dossiers

The Cosmetics Regulation pro

It is fully implemented since July 11, 2013. It replaces the Cosmetics Directive … and many companies and many Regulatory Departments are worried. The Cosmetics Regulation is a document that shall be considered in every step of the development, manufacturing and placing on the market of a cosmetic product. Using the ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
05 July 2012 Dossiers

Good Manufacturing Practices pro

GMP is a major concern for cosmetic companies. All, of course, intend to ensure a maximum level of safety throughout the production and distribution chain of their products… But in the absence of formal rules, each has put in place its own solutions. A"blur" in which it is necessary ...

Thinkstock/Cosmetics Observatory
06 April 2012 Dossiers

I am allergic to…

Sesame, wheat, soya, groundnuts… Is it possible to trigger an allergic reaction by simply applying to the skin a cosmetic containing an allergen to which we are sensitized by food? The issue is still being discussed, but for many physicians, caution is the order of the day and the precautionary ...

16 Nov. 2011 Dossiers

Essential oils pro

More and more used in cosmetics, they are debated on their usefulness and harmlessness. Though they are often said as "inevitably perfect, as they are natural", some critics point out their potential toxicity or their allergenic proprieties and are ready to emphasize an "over-use". Due to their incredible number, to ...