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Mirror, my beautiful mirror!


Those who have read Snow White probably remember this scene where the Queen wonders about her beauty every morning. In fact, when we talk about beauty and cosmetics, we almost always reduce the debate to products or ingredients. But there is a whole series of things that are necessary and that surround these activities.

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It is the case for example of these accessories, which go from the applicators, which we will talk about soon, to other elements like what we look at ourselves in to see ourselves, beautiful preferably. I mean the magic mirror that reveals everything about us and our appearance.

In a previous life, I had had the opportunity to work on developing elements of this type. At the time, we were wondering about the essential dimension of beautiful make-up: light. This tool makes it possible to restore the true color of the make-up according to the ambient light (ex. : Sunset, Candlelit dinner). It shows the importance of light when choosing make-up colours. This mirror is composed of LEDs controlled by micropilots to accurately reproduce the environmental color. It is framed by four pivoting light shutters to wrap the face in perfect light without shadows. It's Chanel's Light Mirror.

Later, in 2005, on the occasion of an innovation project treated as part of the CNAM Innovation Chair led by Marc Giget ( Innovation Tuesdays ), we worked on an intelligent mirror project based on image processing techniques, very popular at the time. The Accenture morphometric mirror project was a bit at …

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