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Anti-aging care for oily skin

Les soins anti-âge pour peaux grasses

Anti-aging and anti-imperfection treatments, no longer for teenagers but for adults, are in high demand this spring. And of course, the “maskne” only amplifies this phenomenon…

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“Generally associated with adolescence, acne also concerns adult women whose sensitive skin, particularly prone to the aggressions of everyday life, can react with shiny areas, dilated pores, pimples or blackheads. It is even more difficult to accept these imperfections in adulthood because they impact not only the skin but also femininity and create an unpleasant feeling of turning back. In France, 41% of women between 20 and 45 years old declare suffering from acne*,” says Avène. Always according to the brand, “acne in adult women is characterized by a U shape, it affects the mandibular area and chin, while teenage acne is T-shaped and affects mainly the forehead and nose. Adult skin suffering from acne is of mixed or low seborrheic type, with mainly inflammatory lesions, nodules on the chin and frequent microcysts. Residual marks, due to excessive handling of the pimples, are common. This acne evolves by flare-ups and is often triggered by stress peaks or hormonal variations (premenstrual period). Indeed, the progesterone produced before the menstrual period stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. Some oral contraceptives or IUDs can also promote acne in adult women. Not to mention external aggressions - such as UV rays, dust and …

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