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Thursday, December 16, 2021Focus on French Launches

Autumn perfumes...

Parfums d’automne…

This season in particular, perfumes that play the card of autumn (notes of wood, spices, earth or moss and of course musk …) are in the spotlight, to bring us gently into the cold season. Seasonality, once a major theme in perfumery, is on the rise again!

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When the days get shorter and the temperature starts to cool down, the desire comes to curl up in more comforting and enveloping scents, dominated by woody, musky, spicy or chypre notes. We feel the instinctive need to move towards fragrances that are not necessarily more heady, but warmer and more protective.

The best illustration of these scents is the latest opus from Maison Margiela: Replica Autumn Vibes (Replica Collection, 10 ml, €25; 30 ml, €55; 100 ml, €100) which evokes a walk in the forest in the middle of autumn. Woody cedar merges with a moss accord, evoking the damp leaves of an autumn day in the heart of the forest paths. Balsam fir and labdanum recall the sweetness of sap. Spicy notes of pink pepper mingle with the green accents of coriander and cardamom. A creation of the perfumer Fanny Bal.

We can prefer a lighter and more delicate register, but still woody and enamelled with white flowers, the Eau de Soin Jardins d’Automne by Mary Cohr (Perfumed Eau de soin 100 ml, €50).

Or opt for this very warm reinterpretation of Guerlain’s Armenian paper (Bois d’Arménie Collection L’Art et la Matière, 100 ml, Eau de parfum, infinitely …

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