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Wednesday, October 27, 2021Focus on French Launches

Shower gel becomes sustainable

Le gel douche devient durable

Another new shower gel galenic! But this time, we are approaching the eco-perfect solution! It is a shower gel to reconstitute yourself with a powder or small powder balls and tap water. Sometimes certified organic, packaged in a glass bottle, light (after the first shipment, the powder alone, 20 g, is much lighter to carry), infinitely refillable, designed to last… it definitely checks all the boxes!

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Essentially made up of water (80% on average), liquid shower gel (not everyone likes solid formulas, far from it) often contains less than 20% of active ingredients (and even then, when we say active ingredients, we’re talking mainly about surfactants and a few glycerine-type additives and preservatives).
Brands have therefore had the bright idea of imagining a formula without water and concentrating this 20% in the form of tablets or small solid powder balls to be diluted at home with tap water, and packaged in an infinitely refillable glass bottle.
With 20 g of powder, you can obtain 250 ml of shower gel in 90 minutes (if you add very hot water) or overnight (if you add cold water). In fact, the hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve.

Merci Handy was among the first to change the codes on this everyday product. The brand aims to have 100% recyclable products by 2022. Its creation comes in the form of lozenges to be infused in a glass bottle reinforced by a silicone shell that ensures its stability, for a stress-free moment in the bathroom. It allows to make a shower gel in 90 minutes with very hot …

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