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Wednesday, November 10, 2021Focus on French Launches

The grapes of beauty

Les raisins de la beauté

In this period of grape harvest, honor the brands dedicated to the cosmetic benefits of the vine! It’s a great time to use them and we can’t blame ourselves for not being in tune with the season… (we believe in beauty too!).

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We’ve known it since Caudalie (the name Caudalie is an oenological term that designates the unit of measurement of the duration of the wine’s aromas in the mouth after tasting), if a vine stock can live 100 years, it’s because the vine naturally produces resveratrol to defend and regenerate itself.
Caudalie was the first to patent this natural active ingredient with firming and anti-aging properties. For over 20 years, the brand has been developing the active ingredients of the vine and constantly discovering new virtues.
Its most recent discoveries? Its organic Grape Water is naturally prebiotic (75 ml, €6.90 or Vinosource-Hydra Moisturizing Grape Water Jelly, 50 ml, €23.50), or its famous grape seed polyphenols (among the most powerful antioxidants in the plant world) limit the oxidation of sebum responsible for the appearance of blackheads (in its new range Vinopure: Salicylic Anti-Imperfections Serum, 30 ml, €27.90; Hydrating Matifying Fluid, 40 ml, €20.90; Purifying Cleansing Gel, 150 ml, €14.50; Purifying Lotion, 200 ml, €15.90 or 400 ml, €22.90).

But the inventor of vinotherapy is not the only one to offer treatments that pay tribute to the benefits of the vine.
It is also the case of Vinésime, Sarmance or Vie.gne. …

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