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Thursday, September 23, 2021Focus on French Launches

Solid makeup remover/facial cleanser

Les démaquillants/nettoyants visage solides

Solid cosmetics continue their exploration of everyday life. After shampoos and body washes, here are now solid cleansers/make-up removers and facial scrubs (not soaps, even if they are superfatted and cold-saponified). Solid shaving foams are also making an appearance. Much more than a trend, this generation of skincare products represents a new way of consuming…

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Supermarkets are betting on them for a greener bathroom

Witness the latest launches of Nivea Naturally Clean and Briochin, after Garnier SkinActive in 2020 (PureActive Anti-Imperfection Charcoal Solid Cleanser, 100 g, €4.90).

Nivea is launching four “facial solids” at once, two cleansers, two scrubs, formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin and, for the first time for the brand, all certified Ecocert® Cosmos Natural, with packaging made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard. Last point: the formulas are, according to the brand, “respectful of the skin and its microbiome.” They are syndets (without soap) with a mild or physiological pH (around five), while soap has a higher pH (Soothing Solid Face Cleanser, Refreshing Solid Face Cleanser, Pore Reducing Scrub, Purifying Scrub, 75 g, €4.99 each).

For its part, Briochin Bio, very involved in certified organic cosmetics, dares to use the term “makeup remover” and not just cleanser (Briochin Bio Solid Face-Eye Makeup Remover, 50 g, €5.90). Men are not forgotten with an all-in-one organic toilet bar (soap-shampoo-shave): Pain de Toilette Bio pour Homme (100 g, €5.70).

Innovations (often) certified organic

In pharmacies, we can see some truly original creations, such as Dermatherm’s Solid Micellar Gel for sensitive skin (25 g, …

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