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The "glass skin" complexion

Le teint "glass skin"

This trend, which is very popular in Korea and sets the blogosphere raging, is now arriving in France. With the help of super-hydrating serums, primers and powders where silica reigns supreme, it allows you to obtain a complexion that is of course more luminous, but above all not iridescent (not an ounce of mother-of-pearl) and obviously more transparent. As much as glass…

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The glass skin care

The “glass skin” phenomenon - hear a healthy glowing complexion - is the new secret of our Korean friends!
No glitter or iridescent particles that turn us into a firefly like in illuminators, let alone mother-of-pearl, it’s a natural look where the skin is first super-moisturized (best way to reflect light) and radiant with health.

You could almost read right through it! The idea is really to magnify its transparency.
What’s new is that we achieve this first through care.

Various serums offer to achieve this result, such as Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum by Bynacht (30 ml, €358.82) combining no less than eight hyaluronic acids, the Magic Serum Crystal Elixir by Charlotte Tilbury which, in addition to illuminating the face, reduces the appearance of fine lines, dilated pores, uneven skin tone (30 ml, €72, at Sephora), or Farsali’s Liquid Glass Radiance Serum (30 ml, €48, at Sephora), all of which give a skin gloss finish.

These serums can be used on their own or mixed with foundation, or as a “top coat” over your make-up. Another example is MAC Cosmetics’ Gloss Crème Brillance (25 ml, €23), a transparent gel formulated to provide a …

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