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Thursday, June 24, 2021Focus on French Launches

The new micellar waters

Les nouvelles eaux micellaires

With hyaluronic acid, Himalayan spring water or marine extracts, in microbiome friendly or thermal versions, micellar water always comes back into fashion with summer. Brands are working hard to make it less dehydrating and less likely to cause rubbing. And they succeed very well!

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Even though it is not favored by the clean beauty world, which prefers double cleansing, women love it, especially on sunny days. It is the fastest and most economical way to remove makeup from the face and eyes, is refreshing, increasingly sensory and does not ruin the hair! Effective in record time, perfect for cleaning your face in two seconds if you don’t wear makeup, we love it!

Micellar waters that respect the skin microbiome

Naos Research (Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, Etat Pur) has invented the micellar cleansing water, without rinsing (well, a spray of thermal water after can not hurt, but for women in a hurry, rinsing is unnecessary).
The micelles, whose composition is inspired by skin lipids, are invisible cleansing micro-droplets. They have the power to capture impurities while respecting the skin’s natural protective film.
Let’s pay tribute to the first one that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020: Créaline H20 Eau Micellaire Démaquillante by Bioderma (250 ml, €8 or 500 ml, €12.90). Composed of nine ingredients, without perfume, recent studies show that it eliminates 98% of fine and very fine pollution particles (between 1 and 2.5 microns in diameter), 78% of heavy metals (Zinc, Chromium, Nickel, Lead, Iron) …

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