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Monday, October 12, 2020IFRA

Covid-19: a compilation of workplace safety guidelines by IFRA

Covid-19 : une compilation des lignes directrices sur la sécurité des lieux de travail par l'IFRA

IFRA (International Fragrance Association), in association with IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry), has been compiling the various guidelines published worldwide to ensure safety in the workplace during Covid-19. The document listing them has been published on the IFRA website.

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In its introduction to this document, IFRA states that it is intended to provide an overview of useful resources, although the list of links it contains should not be considered exhaustive.
Nevertheless, the six-page document lists more than 60 texts, published by international (WHO, Europe…) and national authorities from all regions of the world. Some are sectoral (food or chemical industry) but most are generalist and can serve as references for all sectors.

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