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Monday, May 9, 2022IFRA

IFRA publishes an update of its Transparency List

L'IFRA publie une mise à jour de sa "Transparency List"

IFRA has just published an update of its “Transparency List”, an overview of the ingredients used to create fragrance mixtures used in personal care, household and fine fragrance products worldwide. Based on surveys of companies around the world, the new list replaces the previous one from 2016.

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There are two main types of ingredient on the List:
• Fragrance ingredients are substances used for odor or malodor coverage
• Functional ingredients are substances that are not used to provide odor or malodor coverage, but which are essential for the functionality or durability of a fragrance compound - such as an antioxidant, preservative, diluent, solvent or color.
The 2022 edition of the IFRA Transparency List includes 3,619 ingredients:
• 3,224 fragrance ingredients
• 395 functional ingredients

The 2022 List contains around 350 ingredients fewer than the previous edition, published in 2016.
Changes in the number of ingredients on the List are due to several factors, including new or modified ingredients as a result of innovation in the industry, quality control and elimination of duplicate identifiers for materials in active use, regulatory changes around the world, and market preferences.

Introduction of NCSs

As well as providing a compendium of the fragrance ingredients in commercial use, this latest edition of the IFRA Transparency List includes, for the first time, further identifying information on Natural Complex Substances (NCSs), allowing users of the List to understand the origin and processing of natural ingredients. This information is based on the principles of the …

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