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Monday, July 18, 2022IFRA

IFRA consultation on the 51st amendment of its Standards

Consultation de l'IFRA sur le 51e amendement de ses Standards

On 30 June 2022, the International FRagrance Association (IFRA) launched a consultation on the 51st amendment to its Standards. It includes a revision of their format, of the Guidance for their use, and of the annex on contributions from other sources. It also includes the introduction of 49 new Standards and the revision of 11 existing Standards.

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The 51st Amendment to the IFRA Standards introduces several changes:
• The chemical structure and empirical formula, already included in the RFIM safety assessments, are removed from the Standards
• he recast of Annex I concerning the presence of restricted substances in NCS (Natural Complex Substances) and Annex II concerning the contribution of Schiff bases into a single annex entitled “Contributions from other sources”
• the replacement of the table of these contributions in the Standards, instituted by the 49th Amendment to avoid their too frequent updating, by the simple reference to the Annex, as was done previously
All these changes will be applied to all Standards, those affected by this 51st amendment as well as all others available on the IFRA website.

The 51st Amendment also includes the Guidance for the use of IFRA Standards: • The type categories and sub-categories of product remain unchanged, but some product types have been added to the categories
• information on the application of the Standards has been specified

Finally, 49 new Standards are added and 11 existing ones are revised.

The 49 new Standards

34 are based on potential skin sensitization and systemic toxicity effects:
• Allyl 3-cyclohexylpropionate (CAS: 2705-87-5; …

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