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Wednesday, November 24, 2021Innovation

Procter & Gamble develops a pack for disabled people

Procter & Gamble développe un pack pour personnes handicapées

Olay, a cosmetics brand of the Procter & Gamble group, has just launched a prototype for consumers with disabilities. The jar, which is easier to handle, will evolve according to users’ feedback.

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“For decades, we’ve strived to develop better formulas for all skin types. But the design of our jars was not accessible to all women. We realized it was time to change that,” the brand explains.

Olay developed the Easy Open Lid. A jar topped with wings on the cap to make it easier to hold and open. The product name and claims are written in Braille. The development of this jar was done in collaboration with women with disabilities to design a cosmetic that meets their expectations.
For now, the Easy Open Lid is being tested on four facial care references.

Olay also indicated that the design of their pack is not protected. Thus, all brands willing to adapt their offer to all can take up the Easy Open Lid.

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