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Wednesday, February 1, 2017Innovation

The ideal pump-bottle by WestRock

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WestRock is an American packaging supplier. To anticipate trends and market expectations, the company regularly conducts consumer studies. Sandy Grégory, of the Marketing Department, presented the results of one of these studies at the PCD show held in Paris in January 2017: she explained how they led to the development of a pump-bottle designed for cosmetics brands aiming to strengthen their premium image.

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To better understand the elements that create the consumer experience as regards the pumps used for premium products, WestRock conducted a double study of what consumers feel, as well as ergonomics tests in a laboratory. The aim was to identify the characteristics that have an impact on the brand perception. The research work was done in Europe, a well-established luxury market, and China, a booming luxury market.

The research field was not chosen at random. According to Sandy Grégory, on the global level, the number of luxury product consumers should reach 400 million people by 2020, 500 million by 2030.

A double study

On the one hand, the performance of the pumps was studied from a technical and ergonomic standpoint in a laboratory.

On the other hand, the sensorial effects on consumers were dissected for three types of pump-bottles (moisturizers, serums, liquid foundations). Three parameters were analyzed for these feelings:
• Skin feel blind test: after touching the product, women consumers assessed the comfort and ergonomics without being influenced by the packaging looks
• Visual perception without touching: the packaging aesthetics can be evaluated straight away
• Total immersion: by seeing and handling the pump-bottle, consumers finalize the global impression …

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