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3rd Seminar on Quality in the Cosmetics Industry

3e Rencontres de la Qualité Cosmétique

The 3rd Seminar on Quality in the Cosmetics Industry will be held in Paris on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June 2019. This edition will seek to analyse and provide operational solutions for implementing European, cosmectics GMPS and US and Canadian OTC GMPS. Institutional and industrial angles will be explored in a spirit of cooperation and partnering, with the aim of reaching consensus and elaborating effective action plans.

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This year, three interactive workshops led by industrialists will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 (one in the morning and two in the afternoon). Participants will be able to attend all three.
Discussions with the Authorities are scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2019: in the presence of the ANSM Inspection Department on the assessment and prospects of the ANSM Inspection Department in terms of Cosmetic Quality and with the participation of the FDA in the person of Thomas R. Berry, Director, Compliance Branch, Pharmaceutical Quality, Division IV (Denver District Office - Office of Regulatory Affairs - U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Programme - Wednesday 26 June

Brief Introduction and Opening
• Anne Dux, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, in charge of European relations - FEBEA

The microbial load
• Françoise Audebert, Scientific Advisor - Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Directorate - FEBEA

Workshop 1: The subcontract : the key elements for a successful collaboration
The subcontract is meant to give a frame to the relationship between the contractor and the subcontractor, by defining the collaboration conditions. Building on the GMPs demands, the workshop will provide a practical approach to show how to set up solid bases and assure the product quality through the contract, so that inconveniencies due to a lack of clarity can be avoided.
• Julien Delearde, Associate Director-EMEA Strategic External Manufacturers Q&C - Johnson et Johnson Consumer
• Fabien Frère, Head of Quality Assurance - Canel Parfums Beauté
• Yann Taniou, Head of Quality PA/FP - Parfums Christian Dior
• Sandrine Gabillaud, Trainer Consultant - Ifis Cosmétique
• Pascal Moreau, Director Environment Safety Quality - BCM Fareva
• Aurélia Gautret, Quality Assurance Coordinator - Shiseido

Workshop 2: Production of successive batches : how to prevent contaminations during manufacturing and packaging
The contamination risk is one of the most critical risks identified by the cosmetics GMPs, because the potential consequences are very serious as far as the consumer safety contamination risk control is the basis of cosmetics quality is concerned. However, risk control is not “over-quality”, nor “same solutions whatever the case”. The cosmetic GMPs asks for a profound knowledge of our processes and a clear identification of our critical control point, through a hazard analysis. This workshop will define the adequate measures required when producing successive batches.
• Bertrand Cornamy, Head of Quality Assurance - Avène Production Unit - Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique
• Paula Ferreira, Head of Quality Assurance - Parfums Christian Dior
• Philippe Devès, Quality Assurance Department Manager - Ifis Cosmétique

Workshop 3: Containers and tranfer hoses management
Before being in its primary pack, the cosmetic product is in contact with several equipments and containers. If not managed, that contact can have an impact on the cosmetic product quality. This workshop will propose an analysis method to identify the right questions to have and the practical measures to take. The transfer hoses often lack of attention whereas they are an essential part in the product risk.
• Aude Coutant, Head of Group Quality Assurance - Sisley
• Chrystelle Gatelier, Head of Quality - Cosmétiques Guerlain Site
• Carine Hubau, Head of Quality - LVMH Fragrance Brands
• Johanna LEMLER, Head of Ifis Cosmétique

Programme - Thursday 27 June

Opening address
• Patrick O’Quin, Chairman of the French Federation for Beauty Companies - FEBEA

Review of and perspectives of Cosmetic products inspections
• Bernard Celli, Inspection Division Director - l’ANSM
• Vanessa Picot, Cosmetic products Inspector – Inspection Division - ANSM

Quality update from the FEBEA’s Cosmetic Club: cGMPs applied to bespoke products
• Anne Dux, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, in charge of European relations - FEBEA

Review of and perspectives in Cosmetics Quality, from the Inspection Division of the FDA
• Thomas R. Berry, Director, Compliance Branch, Division of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations IV, Food and Drug Administration - FDA

Overview of PCPC Quality Initiatives in the U.S
• Joanne Nikitakis, Director, Cosmetic Chemistry - The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC)

Raw materials : inspection upon delivery and large volumes management
• Jean-Pierre Guidot, Audit Manager - Quality & EHS - L’Oréal Opérations
• Marjorie Schambel, Head of Raw Material Quality Assurance - Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique
• Aude Coutant, Head of Group Quality Assurance - Sisley
• Chrystelle Gatelier, Head of Cosmetics Quality - Guerlain

Q&A Contractors
You will be able to ask confidentially all your questions in writing before lunch on day 2: the speakers, the facilitators of the workshops and the representatives of the Directorate of scientific & regulatory affairs of the FEBEA will respond to this in the question/answer session. They will be answered by the speakers, during this session.

Concluding remarks
• Anne Dux, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, in charge of European relations - FEBEA

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