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Cosmetic exports in Brazil

L'export cosmétique au Brésil

For beauty professionals, Brazil is a country of interest. There, the cosmetics sector is very dynamic and ranks fourth among the most important markets worldwide, behind the United States, China and Japan. That’s why Business France’s Team France Export has collected all the important data to know before considering the marketing of its products in Brazil.

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In 2020, the Brazilian cosmetics market represented 23.7 billion dollars.
According to Business France, the sector is expected to have an annual growth rate of around 4.7% until 2030.

Brazilians are very fond of beauty products.

On a global scale, the country is:
• The second largest consumer of perfumes, deodorants and products for men
• The third largest consumer of sun products
• The fourth largest consumer of hair care products
• The fifth largest consumer of oral care products
• The sixth consumer of bath products
• The seventh consumer of make-up
• The eighth consumer of skin care products
• The ninth largest consumer of depilatory products

At the moment, consumers are in demand for organic and natural products.
“The systematic use of protective masks has accentuated the importance of beauty products for the eyes, the only visible area of the face,” adds Business France.

Market characteristics
“Local production of perfumery and cosmetic products is very strong and well dynamic, but still oriented towards the low/medium end of the market. Brazilian manufacturers want to upgrade the Brazilian offer with a better added value. Natura is the most important local competitor. The company has grown massively in …

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