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The new face of retail distribution

Le nouveau visage de la distribution physique

With two mandatory shutdown periods, retail sales, including cosmetics, have been disrupted by Covid-19. What will be the stakes of tomorrow for this sector? How can it reinvent itself and regain the confidence of consumers scalded by the health crisis? It is to all these questions that Critizr, publisher of a customer interaction management platform, has tried to answer in a small study.

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To conduct its survey, Critizr interviewed a sample of 114 retailers based in France and the United Kingdom between November 5 and 18, 2020.

“After two periods of containment, requiring retailers to restrict their activity for a cumulative total of nearly three months, 91% of distribution players across all sectors (96% in the UK and 87% in France) confirm that Covid-19 has impacted the path of their targets,” explains Critizr. The main change is an increase in online purchases and a decrease in physical store traffic.

The art of seduction
Keeping the consumer is a crucial point. That’s why many retailers have launched satisfaction surveys to capture customer feedback.
French retailers (41%) made more changes than their British counterparts (27%).
In total, 84% of those who implemented changes in their stores saw an impact on customer loyalty, 75% saw an increase in online shopping and 69% believe that the bond between their teams and customers was strengthened as a result. “Overall, 65% believe that their point-of-sale staff are more in touch with their customers since VIDOC-19. This is an excellent illustration of how proactive listening to public feedback can improve the customer experience and is undeniably the key to navigating …

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