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China: what are the trends for skin products?

Chine : quelles tendances pour les produits visage ?

If there is one beauty segment that has been strong for several years in China, it is facial care. This branch of the cosmetics sector is the one that contributes the most to the industry’s good health and has shown double-digit growth for the last five years. Mintel, a market research agency, looked at this category, deconstructed emerging trends and the season’s top products.

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Chinese women are increasingly concerned about the condition of their skin. 67% of Chinese women aged 18-49 years say they use more than three different skin care products to care for their face. 32% of them say they have added extra steps to their daily routine. Consumers are willing to spend more. As a result, industry players are looking to design more “expert” concepts to appeal to a clientele looking for excellence. To support his point, Mintel took the example of some brands that have developed more “premium” products than usual.

Olay - Pureset Supreme Concentrate
This product contains nicotinamide, VYV tripeptide and yeast extract. Atomization and slow release technology enhances ingredient penetration.

HomeFacialPro - Repair Serum
The brand has launched a new line focused on the 3H: high concentration, high synergy, high penetration. This is the result of 15 years of scientific research in the development of repairing ingredients (curcumin, hydroxycumene and echidonin).

Technology, please!

56% of Chinese women believe that the use of advanced technology can improve the effectiveness of skin aging prevention products. And 55% of them believe that the more active ingredients a cosmetic contains, the better it is.
Mintel picked out some skincare …

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