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Cosmetic industry: what if unity was the key?

Filière cosmétique : Et si l'union faisait la force ?

The beauty industry has to put on the market products that are safe for health without the manufacturing and sourcing processes compromising the state of the planet. According to Adélaïde Lohio, founder of L’Observatoire Beauté, the best way to achieve this goal is to work in a mutualized way with all the stakeholders of the industry. During the JEST, organized by Cosmed on September 24, she presented the latest market trends with this notion of synchronization as a common thread.

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“Today, in the luxury industry, we are looking to make beauty sustainable. Tomorrow, we will have to make sustainable products and see how to make them beautiful.” Adélaïde Lohio started with this quote from Édouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Director of Environment and Scientific Communication at Dior. For her, this sentence sums up the new paradigm that is driving the cosmetics industry.
From now on, it is the responsibility of companies to create a more environmentally friendly system. According to the Edelman confidence barometer, 55% of consumers believe that professionals are the most likely to have a positive impact on the planet.

Collaborative approach: an imperative

Working hand in hand with competitors is quite unheard of. And yet, more and more players in the industry have understood this necessity to move forward. As evidenced by DNA & Cosmetics, “a consortium whose objective is to build the first reliable database that will guarantee the botanical authenticity of plant resources used in their products.”
Another example is the project of Henkel, L’Oréal, LVMH, Natura & Co and Unilever to create a rating system for the environmental impact of their cosmetics.

But it is also possible to work directly with consumers. 71% of them say …

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