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Escape, well-being, purchasing power... Euromonitor unveils its trends for 2024

Évasion, bien-être, pouvoir d'achat... Euromonitor dévoile ses tendances pour 2024

What does the future hold for the general public in 2024? If Euromonitor is to be believed, it looks like consumers will continue to spend prudently, want to do good for themselves and be as environmentally conscious as ever. The forecasting firm has just published its predictions for the months ahead.

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Six trends stand out in this new report.

Ask AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. According to Euromonitor, this new technology is set to “revolutionize” the way people interact with brands.
In fact, 72% of consumers use tools like Chat GPT in their daily lives, and almost 42% say they are comfortable interacting with a personalized assistant when shopping online.
For professionals, the use of artificial intelligence can contribute to a significant improvement in customer experience and service.

Delightful distraction

“Individuals want to forget the stress of everyday life. They need to relieve their anxieties and break away from routine.” says Euromonitor. “Brands that seize opportunities to introduce moments of happiness (in their campaigns or communications) build strong bonds with their customers.”
The question of well-being is now central. 73% of consumers suffering from stress and anxiety reported a moderate or severe impact on their daily lives. And to break away from anxiety, people are looking to take care of themselves. For example, 55% of them like to visit stores where the customer experience is well looked after. In fact, 29% agree that brands should follow their emotions and personalize their experiences according to their mood.
“Incorporate playful, fun and positive …

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