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Tuesday, September 27, 2022Market

Overview of the bulk market in Europe

État des lieux du marché du vrac en Europe

Bulk distribution is becoming more and more democratic. The polling institute YouGov has tried to know in which European countries this system is the most developed and what are the new consumption habits of the general public. For this, the agency questioned more than 3000 people (in France, Spain and Italy).

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Interviews were conducted between August 23 and 28, 2022. All respondents were interviewed online.
In general, bulk consumption (all types of products) is more entrenched among Spaniards and Italians. Bulk cosmetics purchases concern 10% of Italians, 9% of Spaniards and 7% of French.
The figures revealed by YouGov show that beauty is one of the sectors where bulk is still in its infancy.

Motivation and obstacles

Giving up conventional distribution is a real choice. “The desire to reduce packaging is clearly in the lead in France (57%) and Spain (49%), while the Italians emphasize the waste avoided (47%),” comments Yougov. “On the other hand, for French people who have never bought bulk products, the main obstacle is practicality (35%), while Spaniards (58%) and Italians (48%) face a limited offer.” Note that the fear of lack of hygiene is mentioned by some of the respondents.

Frequency of purchase

48% of Italians, 43% of Spaniards and 41% of French are regular buyers of bulk products.
To shop, the French go to supermarkets, organic stores or specialized stores. While Italians and Spaniards favor local markets and grocery stores dedicated to this type of distribution.
“Bulk is more traditional in Spain and Italy: nearly …

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