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Tuesday, May 16, 2023Market

Retail: consumers are (relatively) ready for live shopping

Distribution : les consommateurs sont (relativement) prêts pour le live shopping

Internet commerce is making some small ones. This new hybrid system seduces more and more French people according to a recent study conducted by YouGov.

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This survey was conducted between April 12 and 14, 2023. 2028 adults were interviewed for the occasion.

Live what?

Before getting into the heart of the matter, a little background is in order. According to YouGov, live shopping “is an online sales channel that allows consumers to instantly acquire a product presented in a live video. The consumer attends the live video of a brand or a distributor for free. He is simultaneously a spectator and a buyer. The access to this type of content is done via a dedicated platform or social networks. Often, influencers animate the live, but it also happens that representatives of the company or an expert presents the product. The live is interactive and gives the possibility to the Internet users to react live thanks to comments and emojis.”

And this practice is starting to become popular with the general public. According to the study’s figures, 30% of French people have heard of it. They are even 14% to have already participated in a session. “Among them, 67% have made a purchase, with a strong majority of men,” YouGov analyses.


The French who say they are attracted to this sales channel are very connected. …

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