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Wednesday, October 19, 2022Market

Understanding the consumer's changes

Bien comprendre les mutations du grand public

Who will be the beauty addicts of tomorrow? Social transformations are rapid and industry professionals must keep an eye on these changes. During the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show (held from October 3 to 5 at the Grimaldi Forum), Laëtitia Tetedoux, Marketing Director of Agrimer, painted a picture of the new consumer typologies.

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Today, the general public is complex. They are both self-centered (their health, their lifestyle, their purchasing power), but also sensitive to the collective interest (social injustice, the health, climate and geopolitical crisis).

General context

More and more people are concerned about their well-being. Consumers pay attention to what they buy and scrutinize the composition of the products they use (food and cosmetics). This desire to “control” is fueled by all the “health” applications available on smartphones.
The preservation of the planet is also an important consideration for citizens. At their level, they try to participate in the collective effort. Moreover, some of them prefer local products in order to reduce their environmental impact.

The new consumers

After sharing some background information, Laëtitia Tetedoux listed the new profiles that are beginning to emerge.

The idealists
These people are looking for a happy future and want to be in control of their daily lives. They are not against living together, but their interests come first. “Since the Covid crisis, doing good has become one of the major concerns of the French,” explains the expert. “Moreover, 10% of them say they eat gourmet meals to comfort themselves.”

The utopists
This group of individuals …

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