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When cosmetics get under the blanket

Quand la cosmétique se glisse sous la couette

The beauty industry invites itself in the bedroom. More and more cosmetic brands are investing in the intimate wellness segment… and obviously consumers are quite receptive. The Benchmark Company, a futuristic agency, was interested in the “sex-beauty” trend in order to know what are the expectations and needs of the general public in this field.

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To conduct this study, The Benchmark Company surveyed 2,400 American women in February 2022.

Sexuality and Wellness
According to the figures revealed by the trend firm, 98% of women believe that intimate care contributes to fulfillment and happiness. Moreover, 94% of them appreciate the fact that cosmetic brands are finally taking up the subject. And 75% of them confide that products for intimate parts are as important as facial care.

Top most purchased products
Among the skincare products that panelists purchase the most are:
• Moisturizing lubricants (74%)
• Stimulating” lubricants (36%)
• clitoral stimulation gels (28%)
• Scent diffusers (29%)
40% of respondents report spending close to $100 per year on such products.

86% of the women surveyed said they buy intimate care products to enhance their sex lives. Sixty-two percent want their partner to have a better experience. But for some, the purchase of these specific products is linked to a desire for overall well-being (58%), curiosity or the need to solve a particular problem (28%).

To make their purchases, they go to:
• Amazon (72%)
• Specific websites (58%)
• Supermarkets (31%)

The Benchmark Company has established the ranking of the brands that women consumers prefer. …

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