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When cosmetics want to rhyme with therapeutics

Quand cosmétique veut rimer avec thérapeutique

If beauty products are used (legally speaking) to clean, exfoliate, moisturize, camouflage, beautify… they also help boost confidence and boost morale. This notion of cosmetic-pleasure is all the more relevant at a time when contemporary society is going through several major crises. On the occasion of the release of the Faire X Carlin trend guide, CosmeticOBS spoke with Géraldine Bouchot, Editorial Director of Trends and Prospects at Carlin and Olivier Buffon, Director of International Development at Faire, to explain this notion of cosmetics as a vector of well-being.

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“Treating oneself well is essential to keep going,” Géraldine Bouchot explains that in the context of inflation and instability we are currently going through, consumers are all looking for a way to feel better. And cosmetics is a good way to achieve this.

This trend is global and crosses all generations. “Wellness is a matter of survival. Even if my words are a bit strong, it’s about finding a personal benefit and rearming oneself in the face of the outside world, which is difficult to control.”
According to the expert, this quest is a macro-trend that is not likely to fade with time. According to the expert, this quest is a macro-trend that is likely to continue over time. “Seeking to do good to oneself is not new, but this need is growing and gaining in importance. What is changing is the means to achieve it.”

A holistic offer

And to help citizens in this search for pleasure, brands are competing with each other in terms of imagination: nutricosmetics in the form of jelly beans (for the fun and regressive side), bath products, flash colors…

The posture of manufacturers is also important. “Today, consumers no longer want to be lectured …

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